Designing Product Funnel


I’m sure you have heard of a Sales Funnel Picture a funnel, wide and open at the top, and narrow at the bottom. At the top of the funnel is where you want to get as many prospects in as possible, and at the bottom of the funnel is where you want your sales to constantly drip The Product Funnel is the same concept, the top of the funnel is where you want to get as many prospects as possible, the bottom of the funnel will be your highest priced product / service, and in the middle of the funnel is the middle level of services / products

The idea is to keep prospects / clients

Your first goal is getting into the funnel How do you do this? I suggest using an eZine, so you can start from one to many. Many businesses use a free offer for your email address. You can use a free report, free eZine, teleclass – anything that will be of value to your target market. When they sign up they receive the free goodies, and you get their names, and email addresses. Once you have established a relationsthip with them you can then ask for other information (snail mail address, survey, etc.) building your relationships further clickfunnels pricing comparison.

As you can guess I am a huge fan of the eZine so get organized and put that at the top of your book.

Many businesses have the top and bottom of the product funnel laid out but not the middle. Let’s take a life coach for example, who has an eZine that is getting people in the funnel, and sliding down to the bottom. What are they in the middle of the funnel?

Well, info products are a great solution. Package your knowledge in information products and give your clients a chance to sample your services at a lower price, filling the middle of your funnel, and giving you the opportunity to work with more clients than you ever did one to one.

A few examples of Info Products would be:
* eBooks
* Special Reports
* Workbooks or Journals
* Audio (podcasts of CDs)
* Home Study Courses
* Teleseminars or webinars

Selling these products on your website Money automatic coming in that did not require any additional work on your part. Sales can come from your website 24/7!

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